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Because at some point, everyone asks: What’s your number? And you better know what the right answer is.

By Maggie Moe

I recently had to have that talk.

Not the birds and bees one, but the … how many? one. I asked a guy I was dating how many people he’d slept with. He replied, “Well, it’s not like it’s 200 or something.” I’m sorry … WHAT? As if 199 would be more acceptable!

And then there’s this truth: This guy was joking about his number. But if I’d made the same joke, I bet he would have been running for the hills. But that’s just me. And I wanted a few other voices to weigh in on this — so we took it to the streets: How many is too many? Look, I get it. The number of people you’ve slept with is a personal question. But I also believe that if you’re gonna engage in any form of sexual contact with somebody, you deserve to know the answer to that question! There are a million reasons why — starting with health and ranging all the way to your very life philosophy. After all, your personal rules about sex say a lot about your views on sexuality and relationships.

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