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Partying Hardy Like You Just Don't Care

By OZY Editors


Because everyone loves a good bash — especially with the best tunes and better spirits.

Throwing the Party of the Year

The kingmaker of the Miami party scene has been around for a long time, throwing the best parties ever. Meet Mike Gardner: Miami’s Gatsby and CEO of the party promotions company Headliner Market Group, which controls the city and all the beautiful people in it from the hours of 10 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. With sights (massive confetti) and sounds (booming bass tracks) like no other event in the world, everyone who is anyone has either thrown a party at the 18,000-square-foot Club Liv or plans to throw one there. 

DJs at Your Party-Rocking Service

When it comes to getting a party started, the No. 1 worry is “Who’s the DJ?” That’s right, outside of venue and booze and the decision to charge people a cover, it all boils down to the music. The creators of the new streaming site/app, Mixify, have got it solved for you. The Brooklyn, New York-based company is all about serving up the Electronic Dance Music experience to wherever you are from wherever the DJ is — even if the DJ isn’t there live. Get it?

World’s Best Gin + Tonic

Gin + tonic is hot in Spain. Lately gin lovers are heading to Barcelona to bask in the results of their obsession with the G+T. What started as a niche taste is now the drink of choice in most restaurants, clubs and chiringuitos, or beach bars. Strange as it may seem, the country is the world’s biggest gin consumer per capita. Says one Spanish bartender, “I know many British tourists who go back to London and ask for ‘a gin + tonic like they do them in Spain.’” Olé!



Most Delicious Vodka You’ve Never Had

Would you like to drink the alcoholic insides of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? Of course you would. One of the nation’s most successful craft breweries launched a spirits line a few years ago, and among the highlights is a peanut butter vodka. At their brewpub, they pair the peanut butter tipple with chocolate (of course) as well as fruity vodkas for a drinkable peanut butter and jelly. Or with milk and a coffee liqueur — think of a bastard white Russian. But don’t look for bottles in stores.

Fancy Drinks From Nashville’s Cocktail Bars

Nashville has long had honky-tonks, dive bars and a Southern weirdness all its own. But now that it’s been deemed an A-List hot spot, the city has become as good a place for a fancy libation as for a PBR. Like drinks infused in-house with fruits, vegetables, chocolate, bacon and — well, you name it, and someone in Nashville has found a way to mix it with liquor. Habanero and lime-infused rum, anyone? Why, yes, we will. Here are some of our favorite boozy infusions you can try at home.


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