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OZY's Winner of the Week: Gravity

OZY's Winner of the Week: Gravity

By Breed


If space is the final frontier, space flicks have got to be a close second.

By Breed

Gravity only has two key characters, but the story behind its casting is almost as exciting as the heart-pounding movie itself. Blake Lively, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson were all considered for the lead role before it went to the much older Sandra Bullock. Bullock herself sounds surprised the part didn’t go to a man. Robert Downey Jr. was supposed to play the other main character, but that didn’t work out either, so George Clooney stepped in.

They must be glad they did. Gravity just became the top domestic grossing fall movie ever, earning $365 million internationally at last check. Of course director Alfonso Cuarón has played in the big leagues before, having directed a Harry Potter movie, but did anyone see this coming?

Perhaps. It’s a great survival story, one that let the performers inhabit their roles in a very real way. It’s also incredible to watch, and uses 3D and other special effects so well that Avatar director James Cameron told Variety that he thought it was the best space film ever. It literally starts with a bang and doesn’t let up for 91 minutes.

Which is why we’ve made it our Winner of the Week. Not because it’s new, and not because it was Number One for three weeks, which is a long time these days. (And anyway, Bad Grandpa is now in the top spot.) No, we’re telling you about Gravity because sometimes when people says something is good, well, sometimes it’s even better than that.

Check it out.


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