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OZY's New Podcast: Living Life Like a Steroid Superman!

OZY's New Podcast: Living Life Like a Steroid Superman!

By Eugene S. Robinson

The author, PRE-steroids
SourcePhoto by Tom Caravaglia/Courtesy of Eugene S. Robinson


Because those rages aren’t going to ’roid themselves!

By Eugene S. Robinson

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UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones got them via “tainted” supplements, was suspended and had his life upended for a period of time. Sylvester Stallone got busted for trying to sneak them into Australia a few years ago. And there are lists of baseball and football players getting popped on the regular for performance-enhancing drug use. Which brings us to an important question.


Specifically, when will people back the hell up and leave we who have actually used steroids the hell alone. Alone to imagine that we could stop speeding cars and subway trains. Alone enough to dream that being 300 pounds is still too small.

I mean, we all have our dreams, and mine for a period of time was benching 405 pounds, squatting 495 and dead-lifting over 700. And to dream like that, to dream big, you also have to be in the full animal grip of steroid abuse both wild and wilder. Don’t believe me? Then listen well to Episode 2 of OZY Confidential, where I, without pause or hesitation, make it clear why I’m the last truly free voice in America: I’m going to tell you the hard, cold truths about the demon beast of steroid usage.

Won’t you join me?


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