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This week’s most-read stories included a thoughtful exchange between a reader and our expert contributor. It was exactly the kind of thing we live for here at OZY, and we can’t wait to create space for more like it. Check it out!

1. What motivates a terrorist? After the bloody attack and hostage crisis in Kenya, we turned to former CIA deputy director and OZY contributor John McLaughlin for insight. So did one of our readers, who asked our expert a follow-up question: “What do terrorist cells think they’re accomplishing? McLaughlin weighed in later that day to explain they’re looking to exact revenge, to build publicity to attract followers and to wreak economic damage. After 32 years in counterterrorism, this former spy should know. Read more from him on Syria, and look for his piece about Russia soon. 

High speed

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2. All aboard! Our story about the sorry state of high-speed rail in the U.S. surged ahead of all our previously published articles in total views, and this week it holds onto its spot way out front. With everyone thinking about how to get from here to there cheaply and quickly, this story seems to have struck a chord. So thank you, railroad enthusiasts!

3. Say that again… Turns out love not only has its own language, it even has a preferred voice. As plenty of readers learned in “The Sound of Hot,” research shows that men and women can match voices with pictures of the speakers, and that voices deemed attractive tended to pair with physically attractive images. What does “good-looking” sound like to you?

4. Feeling lucky. Eugene Robinson’s provocative take on why long-shot lotteries remain staples of modern society drove lots of interest among the OZY tribe this week. Whether you think the lottery is a scourge or you’ve got a sheaf of quick picks filed away in your pocket, the “Lotteries: Powerbull?” video is sure to make you think and even chuckle.

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