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OZY Takes You There

OZY Takes You There

By OZY Editors


Because you can still go places, even if you can’t travel.

By OZY Editors

This holiday season, whether you’re home alone, trapped in a cabin in the woods with your crazy family or stuck at work and dreaming of your next vacation, OZY is going to take you there. Where’s there? Why, everywhere, of course! Year-round, we work to bring you the most flavorful stories from Nairobi to New York and everywhere in between. So next week, from December 26 to December 30, we’ll feature some of our favorite stories collected by our reporters from all the corners of the world. 

Behold, your OZY itinerary: 

Day One: The Middle East

The Middle East is about more than war — and even then, you might not know some of the quirkier stories. We’ll bring you a tale of a feminist pushing her message in Turkey through an all-female gym chain. We’ll let you in on Saddam Hussein’s not-so-secret obsession with Star Wars. Next up, we’ll bring you to Egypt and tell you about a seemingly innocuous statue that’s in fact a big middle finger to the West. Along the way we’ll take you couch-surfing in Iran and on a visual journey with some of the hottest new designers in the Gulf. Oh, and we’ll tell you about why Lebanese entrepreneurs are coming home and opening up their wallets. 

Day Two: Latin America

While the Olympics stole the show for Latin America in 2016, some other stories were worth paying attention to. There’s a young Shakespeare selling out theaters in Uruguay, a rising political star from the favelas in Brazil and a Peruvian fashionista with the softest touch. We’ll also bring you a how-to guide on bird herding in Costa Rica. And if you think Syria, Europe or North Africa when you think refugees in 2016, we have a plot twist: Colombia.

Day Three: Africa

So long, Heart of Darkness. On day three of your adventure, we’re bringing you the stories that showcase another side of the African continent: an ode to the best part of Ethiopian food, a little bit of Nigeria in your earbuds and a glimpse into a coding revolution that could give the world the next Bill Gates or Sheryl Sandberg — straight from Kampala, Lagos or Nairobi. We’ll also tell you why the beer giants are looking to Africa as the next frontier and introduce you to the viral Kenyan photographer whose images will make you stop whatever you’re doing and stare. 

Day Four: Europe

Did you know the Vatican has an in-house astronomer? Well, now you do, and if you show up for our Euro trip, you’ll get to hear what exactly he spends his days researching. We also have a heart-wrenching story about the history of the flaming ballerinas who literally died for their art. And then there’s the quirky boom in a strange endeavor in Poland: exorcisms. We’ll even introduce you to a human-rights hero leading a tiny town in the Mediterranean and clue you into the Norwegian bid to woo Swedes. 

Day Five: Asia

We bet you can’t guess how many ramen shops are in Tokyo. But if you come back for the final leg of OZY’s tour, you’ll find out. We’ll also go deep on what the West can learn from psychiatry’s new twist in India and follow one intrepid OZY reporter as she dines in a North Korean restaurant. And don’t forget our guide to Chinese counterculture. Because there’s more to CHI-NA than the Donald might have you believe.


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