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OZY Reinvents the Weekend

OZY Reinvents the Weekend

By OZY Editors



Because let’s face it — doing laundry and binge-watching Breaking Bad  is getting kind of old. Here are four things you’re going to want to add to your weekend bucket list.

By OZY Editors

Your weekends are about to get a whole lot better. 

1. Make Homemade Ice Cream That Tastes Better Than Ben & Jerry’s

If you’ve already tried and failed at your own frozen madness, well, we’ve got the scientist who can explain what went wrong. Tip No. 1: Nail the formula, and you’ve nailed the dish. (Yes, there’s a whole science behind making it not only edible but also delicious.)


2. Turn That Hellish Vacation Into a Heli-Vacation

Only about 9 percent of the United States’ 2.3 billion acres has been developed. There’s a lot to explore — but we can’t get to most of it. Unless you attach “heli-” to your adventure, that is. When you do, suddenly you’ve landed on untrodden dirt. Helicopter vacations feature heli-skiing in the winter and heli-hiking in the summer.

3. Zip-Line Through the Jungle

The Philippines claims the world’s highest zip line and the first on the roof of a building. “It’s not only for adventure but also for people who want the clean environment and the fresh air,” says Elisa Millama, a duty officer at the high-mountain Dahilayan Adventure Park zip line. It’s hard to get any fresher than whizzing through the air, belly down, with nothing to do but breathe and check out the jungles and peaks.

4. Go Glamping

Love the idea of the great outdoors more than actually staying in it? Nowadays, tenting it doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it. Allow us to introduce you to the tentalow. It has a wet bar. A living area. Lamps that switch on. A clawfoot tub. A cedar hot tub.


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