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By OZY Editors

Porsche’s Epic Roof

It’s like driving a real-life Transformer. The best way to understand it is by grasping the delicious notion of kinematics. And if that’s not complicated enough, Porsche went and threw an adjective in front to describe the engineering behind their latest semi-convertible creation: Innovative Kinematics. Hold the button down on the key fob and see if you can coin better buzzwords. In the span of just 20 seconds, the roof pops up, folds in a Z-pattern, and then slips under the rear clamshell windshield, which momentarily leans back to accept the neatly packaged goods. Captivating. 

Mini Cooper Mirror Boombox

Some devices are meant for performance, others for durability. And then there’s a novelty class — this is where IUI Design’s Mini Cooper Mirror Boombox fits in. It’s a speaker, yes, but with a flair of whimsy: It’s housed in a replica of the side-view mirror of everyone’s favorite tiny car. And if you ask us, being able to bounce around in your imaginary version of the Coop all day is a pretty good reason to pick up this cool device.


Low-Riding, Cool Commute

You know you’re an OZY addict when you buy a lowrider after reading about one here first. That’s a win, we’ll say. If you’re trying to get excessive about your transit habits: Go low. Lowrider bikes, like their car cousins, are all about bringing it down and dangerous — and beating the hipsters to that next-next level. And with wild layers of chrome, metalwork, wacky paint jobs and the weirdest handlebars you’ve ever seen, wouldn’t you want to ride low and slooow? At least so your friends can see what a badass looks like. 

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