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Workers pre clean turmeric roots to processing at Vallabhdas Kanji Ltd, Kochi, India. The stems are boiled, dried and crushed into a powder with a bitter woody taste.Tumeric is commonly used as a spice in eastern cooking and in folk's medicines to cure stomach ailments and skin lesions.


Because healing ourselves is sometimes as simple as reaching for the kitchen spice rack. 

By OZY Editors

The Golden Root: Turmeric

These days, the deep yellow spice is popping up all over. Spice marketers report increasing sales, juice bars are taking pains to secure supply and turmeric-infused products are gaining shelf space. Barrels of turmeric fingers — the whole, raw form — have even turned up in grocery stores. But the main engine of the turmeric craze is the idea that it’s a superfood with curative properties that seem to verge on the magical. Pop-docs like Mehmet Oz and Andrew Weil nearly fawn over it. Devotees liken turmeric to a miracle root. It seems the spice trade is heating up again.

Unsung Superfood: Cinnamon

Not everything we should know about food shows up in the nutrition table. Like the many wondrous benefits of a powder nearly everyone has in their spice rack — cinnamon. Sure, it’s able to transform a sugar cookie into a snickerdoodle with a single shake, but cinnamon has even greater powers, like countering some of the effects of type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, it’s a homeopathic option for treating muscle spasms, arthritis, vomiting, diarrhea, colds, loss of appetite and erectile dysfunction. The next time your energy is flagging in the late afternoon, skip the espresso and try a spoonful of cinnamon instead — or at least dust your latte with it. 


Spice-Rack Cold Remedy

This cold-blasting recipe is basically DIY DayQuil — the nondrowsy formula — made from spices and ingredients that most of us have in our homes. OZY’s Praveen Vasireddy, head of all things tech and an all-around legit good guy, shares his handwritten recipe and preparation tips for a home remedy to eradicate cold symptoms.

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