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OZY on Political Shifts


Because the winds of political change are blowing forth some new, intriguing leaders.

By OZY Editors

How Turkey Has Changed

We’re nearly a century into Turkey’s rebirth as a modern, secular nation. But the nation today doesn’t look much like its 20th-century reformers might have imagined it. That’s because Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan and his government are beset by a series of polarizing and destabilizing problems — all of which threaten to undercut the role that many hoped Turkey would play as a model for struggling Islamic regimes elsewhere. As Erdoğan keeps his hold on power — which he almost certainly will — Turkey could lose its chance to be the great bridge between East and West.

The New Face of the British Right

Britain’s political circles are buzzing with talk of the government’s newest cabinet member — a man who seemingly could change the face of the Conservative Party and shatter the mold out of which generations of Tory politicians have been cast. Indeed, the latest Conservative minister is not just a millionaire former banker who grew up idolizing Margaret Thatcher, but also one who believes strongly in limited government, capitalism and the value of a hard day’s work. Sajid Javid, the son of an immigrant bus driver from Pakistan, may be just the breath of fresh air that British conservatism needs to reach minority and working-class voters.


The Changing Face of South Carolina

There’s a new South Carolina emerging, one that defies the good-ol’-boy stereotypes. And the state that once launched the Civil War could be poised to reshape the American political map — and the Republican Party. South Carolina’s newest leaders are not your grandfather’s Republicans. With the state’s demographics changing and Democrats eyeing the landscape closely, it may not be long before such a shift becomes less a matter of party expediency than of sheer political survival. 

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