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Because where and how we work is important — as is what we wear while we’re doing it.

By OZY Editors

Millennials’ Workplace Pushback

There are far too many stereotypes out there about Gen Y and what they want. One of those could be misinforming employers — badly. While millennials, or Gen Y, may be known as the tech-infused generation, a recent study found that the majority of them crave more in-person collaboration with colleagues and less of what the current workplace paradigm serves up: a culture of emailing, texting and telecommuting. Organizations think millennials want to do everything remotely, but the truth is they’re more relational and use technology to enhance their connection with family, friends and colleagues.

Activewear Is the New Officewear

Sweatpants at work: They’re not just for freelance writers and fitness instructors anymore. Now everyone can get in the game. Fitness-inspired looks from such fashion icons as Gucci and Marc Jacobs floated down the runways at New York Fashion Week last fall, and now stores are stocking everything from “fashion sweatshirts” to real and faux leather ”joggers” (a trendier name for the bottoms formerly known as sweatpants). But before you rush out and buy some, take note: With the democratization of sweatpant style comes responsibility. There are still rules to follow for those who want to pull off this trend.


Looking for the Part-Time Sheryl Sandberg

OZY contributor Anna Nordberg wrote this blowup piece for us, and here’s just a taste: ”If you told me five years ago that I would leave a full-time job I loved to spend more time with my son, I would have thought you were crazy. Full-time working parenthood has always been a pillar of feminism to me, based on my own mother, whose fleeting experiment with freelancing from home was so disastrous that the family breathed a collective sigh of relief when she stopped cooking dinner and went back to the office, and the Earth was put back on its axis.”

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