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Because it’s awfully hard to lean in with a breast pump stuck inside your shirt.

By OZY Editors

Lactation Dissident

Says OZY writer Rachel Levin, oh so fearlessly: Breast-feeding sucks. She doesn’t mean this in some politically charged, rah-rah feminist, ”F*** you, Bloomberg, and your formula prohibition” kind of way. And she says she doesn’t much care if moms post breast-feeding photos on Facebook, Beyoncé whips ‘em out in public or 5-year-olds still suckle. (Although, really, what’s that all about?) But after having to nurse her newborn for, like, the 12th time in 24 hours, Levin was ready to call bullshit on the whole bonding thing.

Looking for the Part-Time Sheryl Sandberg

OZY contributor Anna Nordberg wrote this blowup piece for us, and here’s just a taste: ”If you told me five years ago that I would leave a full-time job I loved to spend more time with my son, I would have thought you were crazy. Full-time working parenthood has always been a pillar of feminism to me, based on my own mother, whose fleeting experiment with freelancing from home was so disastrous that the family breathed a collective sigh of relief when she stopped cooking dinner and went back to the office, and the Earth was put back on its axis.”

Frozen Egg Fund

”Single ladies, you know you want to,” says OZY tribe member Pooja Bhatia. In fact, you wish you had already — like 10 years ago. Admit it. Despite your justified resentment of the way certain media outlets bait fertility fears for sales and clicks, despite the 2 a.m. Internet surfing that reveals egg-freezing is like an insurance policy that often doesn’t pay out, despite a nagging suspicion that cryopreservation is some misogynistic hoax, you nonetheless wish you’d frozen those little suckers right around the time you got your master’s degree.

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