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Because growing your own is hard. And if you buy, you should know where it came from.

By OZY Editors

Green Thumb Apps to the Rescue

For those who weren’t graced with a green thumb, a little technology can help you get outside to successfully garden this spring. Getting the water and sunlight just right is always a challenge when trying to grow vegetables or flowers. Too much, and plants get overwhelmed. Too little, and they shrivel, along with any gardening confidence you had. Enter the tech saviors that can help keep your plants alive and happy. Go forth with phone, garden warriors!

Grow Sweeter Eats Now

Want to supercharge your veggies with sweetness or make your kale and parsnips less bitter (or perhaps simply palatable)? There’s a secret that farmers and serious backyard tenders know: Despite all the fears of the cold, frost may be your friend. If you have plotted growth calendars and started tending your beds, perhaps it’s time to consider the cold an ally. Embracing the frost extends the growing season, so you can enjoy fresh-from-the-garden delicacies longer. Who knows, maybe radical things will happen when you embrace the frost: Your kids might just eat their veggies.



Do You Know Where Your Flowers Grow?

Millions have been led down the garden path in believing that flowers we buy locally — at our neighborhood florist or corner grocery — come from the region. But chances are the flowers you give or receive for that next birthday or anniversary will have accumulated more air miles than most diplomats. In the same way that fruit and vegetables are flown in to give you more than three weeks of strawberries and rhubarb each year, the flower industry has transitioned from a traditional model based on local production to an international one that leverages warmer climates and significantly lower labor costs in southern countries. But the picture isn’t as alarming as you’d think.

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