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O Solo Mio


Because the efforts of a few can have a huge impact on many.

By OZY Editors

An Army of One

This is one of the strangest and most harrowing tales of globalization we’ve ever read. John Onoje fled civil war in Sierra Leone 15 years ago and ended up in Moldova. Labeled the country’s “only black man,” Onoje — who is attacked regularly — has been a refugee, a newspaper vendor and, now, a leading voice for EU membership.  He believes that a West-leaning outlook would free Moldova from Russian “tyranny.” Many, though, would rather see a return to Russian rule. The country is divided. And that makes Onoje’s quest rather urgent.

The Woman Taking On Rob Ford

Rob Ford’s days as Toronto’s mayor may be numbered. Olivia Chow is poised to grab the seat for Toronto’s top job (and would force Jimmy Kimmel to find some new jokes). She’s about as different from Rob Ford as you could imagine: a lefty, fitness-enthusiast, artist, immigrant Asian female. The differences that divide the two of them go as deep as how they were raised to the issues they’re flogging on the campaign trail. And while Chow isn’t a celebrity in the late-night talk-show sense, she’s a definitely a star in her own right. And she hasn’t ruled out her own bobblehead doll.

The Gangsta Physicist

A born rebel, Hakeem Oluseyi defied doubters to become a respected astrophysicist and educator. He’s also a humitarian and media personality, and a man who didn’t let doubt or circumstance get in the way of his passion for physics. Now he’s inspiring young scientists and spurring astronomy in developing countries. “Society … didn’t tell me, ‘You’re a scientist,’” he said. “They told me, ‘You’re a gangsta,’ and I lived that out. People take my classes, and they think they can be Albert Einstein. That’s powerful.”

The Outside Insider

You don’t build one of the most talked about (and notorious) movie news sites without displaying some Hulk-sized balls. And Kellvin Chavez, founder of the headline-making Latino-Review, is once again about to lay his cojones out on the table. Chavez, a former Wall Street trader’s assistant at Deutsche Bank, grew up in Queens, New York a rabid movie fan. He started Latino-Review in 2000 to wave the flag for a minority contingent historically ignored by Tinsel Town. Hollywood better get used to Chavez and his chest-beating clique because Latino-Review is jumping into the movie business. OZY sat down with Chavez to discuss the Cinderella-come-up and why he is making a lot of people mad.

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