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From geography to politics to immigration: Here’s everything you need to be in the know about London.

By OZY Editors

Should London + England Break Up?

Given that London is already in many ways a distinct entity from the rest of the U.K., there is a rising chorus suggesting that it be made official. The question of Scottish independence may be dominating the current discussion, but perhaps the capital should be next. For London and Britain, ties of history and proximity, not to mention membership in the European Union, would ensure that the relationship between different sections of the island remained close. But just sharing a house isn’t a good enough reason to continue a relationship — it may well be time for an amicable divorce.

The New Face of the British Right

Britain’s political circles are buzzing with talk of the government’s newest cabinet member — a man who seemingly could change the face of the Conservative Party and shatter the mold out of which generations of Tory politicians have been cast. Indeed, the latest Conservative minister is not just a millionaire former banker who grew up idolizing Margaret Thatcher, but also one who believes strongly in limited government, capitalism and the value of a hard day’s work. Sajid Javid, the son of an immigrant bus driver from Pakistan, may be just the breath of fresh air that British conservatism needs to reach minority and working-class voters.

The Globalization Geek

Parag Khanna is good proof that being nerdy pays off. He’s a best-selling author, globalization analyst, senior fellow at the New America Foundation and a self-described “ideas entrepreneur” — who may be the next Tom Friedman. He spoke to OZY about some alternate vocabulary for the whole flattening-world thing, how a new kind of passport might have prevented the Malaysian airplane debacle, and his Bollywood fanboy status. He says, ”There is good potential for fighting over spoils among ethnic communities that are competing for a pie that is not growing as fast as it used to grow. What’s interesting to me is that it’s on that city level, not just the national level, because there are cities that are so diverse and you really can’t say that they belong to one place … New York is one; London is another obvious one.”


The Complete Tony Blair

In a wide-ranging discussion with Carlos Watson, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair touched on everything from lessons in leadership to tips for the GOP to his favorite TV shows. Honestly, it was a great interview. Totally worth watching. In fact, we made it into a three-parter. And you don’t have to take our word for it. One of our readers tweeted out at the time, “Off-the-hook awesome.” Declared another: “TAKE NOTES.” So grab a pen and click “Play.” 

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