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OZY on Hitting the Hustings

OZY on Hitting the Hustings

By OZY Editors

Election Seekers to Watch


Because these election seekers are positioned to upset the political applecart.

By OZY Editors

The Woman Taking on Rob Ford

Rob Ford’s days as Toronto’s mayor may be numbered. Olivia Chow is the woman poised to grab the seat for Toronto’s top job (and would force Jimmy Kimmel to find some new jokes). She’s about as different from Rob Ford as you could imagine: a lefty, fitness-enthusiast, artist, immigrant Asian female. The differences that divide the two of them go as deep as how they were raised to the issues they’re flogging on the campaign trail. And while Chow’s not a celebrity in the late-night talk-show sense, she’s a definitely a star in her own right. And she hasn’t ruled out her own bobblehead doll.

Comeback Kids: Hillary Clinton + The U.S. Economy

The stars are aligning for a new economic and political era in America — and the future looks a lot like 1993. Hillary Clinton, former first lady and U.S. Secretary of State, not only appears as well positioned as any candidate to capture the presidency in 2016, but her arrival in the Oval Office could coincide with headwinds that the U.S. economy has not seen since the last time a Clinton occupied the White House. A lot can happen in three years, but there’s one scenario for 2017 that should be staring all would-be prognosticators in the face: the very real possibility of another Clinton economic boom like the U.S. experienced in the 1990s. Check these trends.


What Narendra Modi Means for Indian Democracy

In the coming months, a diminutive 63-year-old could topple a three-generation dynasty and prevail in the largest democratic undertaking the world has ever seen. Meet Narendra Modi, the apotheosis of far-right Hindu nationalism. Last month, India’s main opposition party, named him its prime minister candidate. Elections are due by May, and Modi stands a good chance of winning. His transformation is among the most astonishing political makeovers of the new millennium: In the space of a decade, Modi has gone from poster boy for deadly intolerance to “development man.” The man with a mantra on the campaign trail that is “toilets first, temples later”  has become India’s most popular politician. 

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