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Off the Couch and Into Gear

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Why you should care

Because, admit it, you’re feeling a little lazy.

Feeling — for lack of a better word — fat? Totally normal feeling following an all-day feast. Need a bit of inspiration to get off your couch and kick it into gear? (We do.) Here are three of OZY’s favorite stories on running, adventure racing and something even crazier called parkour.

Running & Roulette?!

Next time you find yourself in Sin City and want to offset an otherwise hedonistic weekend: Call Jimmy. He’s one of those nutty ultra-runner types who decided to try to make a living out of his love. He launched Las Vegas Running Tours last spring. Is waking up at 6 a.m. for a 7-mile sunrise run along the Strip fun or a form of self-inflicted torture? You decide. 

Marathon Marathons

For some athletes, a run-of-the-mill 26.2 miles doesn’t quite cut it. Tough Mudder, which was started back in 2010 by two Brits, Guy Livingstone and Will Dean, has grown into a movable feast of endurance events that hosts crazy-ass races across the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and Germany for some 4,500 competitors per event. The brand differentiator with Tough Mudder is not the distance — it is a relatively meager 10- to 12-mile race — but that it is equal parts muddy obstacle course and basic training. Minus the live ammo. Moreover, each race comes complete with scramble courses of electrical wires and flaming fields of burning tar. Yes: Burning. Tar.

Sort of Like Skateboarding — Without the Board

Parkour (par-KOOR): the art of moving through a natural or urban environment as swiftly and effectively as possible using only the human body. Also known as freerunning.

“I’ve tried it, and it can’t really be compared to skateboarding,” says San Francisco photojournalist Mark Madeo, who will publish a book of parkour photos in 2014. ”Every step of parkour is thought of as a physical and mental challenge and requires physical and mental introspection. People who do it more readily compare it to a martial art or gymnastics.” So say the photos, with depictions of well-muscled 20-somethings leaping and flying through the air, hanging for the briefest of moments before they land their jumps — or don’t. 


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