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Because if power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, it’s just about time to get busy balloting.

By OZY Editors

Europe Goes to the Polls

A European conservative rising star, Matthew Elliott, gives OZY his take on what’s at stake for the continent in 2014. You know you need to watch the European right, but what you might not know is that the right has many faces (some more moderate than others). What do they all have in common? An increasingly mainstream skepticism about the very idea of their continent as one coherent body.

2016: From the Right

OZY chatted with Grover Norquist on what the GOP field for 2016 might look like. Because after all, you need to know who the conservatives are fired up about within their own party. Plus, Norquist knows his party — and the country — inside and out. And as he reminded OZY, half of America lives in a state with entirely red leadership. So listen up.

2016: From the Left – Beyond Hillary

Everyone needs a plan B, including and especially Democrats. What if Hillary doesn’t run? In addition to the veep, good Uncle Joe, who’d certainly fill in the gaps, who else might we have on our plate for 2016?  Oh, and just in case you didn’t get your probability fix out of these mad days of March, we’re giving you some odds, too.

Campos vs. Rousseff

They’re two of the big names in a wider field facing off in Brazil’s October 2014 general election. Dilma Rousseff has been a dedicated public servant, serving as energy minister in the 1990s and eventually as President Lula da Silva’s chief of staff for five years before running for president in 2010. She, as the incumbent is facing Campos, who was part of Rousseff’s ruling coalition until September as leader of the Socialist Party (PSB), decided to run for office and challenge the highly bipartisan system established between Rousseff’s Worker’s Party (PT) — in government since 2003 — and the Brazilian Social Democrats (PSDB), who governed from 1994 to 2002.

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