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OZY on CNN's 'New Day'

OZY on CNN's 'New Day'

By OZY Editors


OZY informs you on what’s new and next every Friday morning on CNN’s New Day.

By OZY Editors

Is Social Media Killing Your Marriage?

Facebook and social media may not be harmless time-killers after all. Your love life may be on the line. Imagine that your wife comes to bed late — again — after spending hours on Facebook. Maybe you feel like your husband is more focused on Twitter than you. Here’s a pro tip: You’re not imagining it. Your relationship really could be headed for rocky shores, if not splitsville, according to a new study from Boston University.

Is It Time to Lower Your Standards?

Sometimes finding the mate of our dreams requires a more realistic view of our prospects. In case you missed the buzz on Facebook, scientists recently determined that “beer goggles” do in fact exist, though not precisely in the way we thought. Consuming alcohol, it seems, tends to elevate desire and reduce inhibitions more than alter our actual perception of another person’s attractiveness.

Google’s dominance might seem like a fact of life, but not if fast-changing technologies make other search-engine options even more attractive. How would you define entrepreneur? Try this: someone who sees an opportunity so clearly — something that everyone else has missed — that it becomes an obsession. This guy wants to take Google away from you.

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