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Because we’re all waiting to see what comes next.

By OZY Editors

Well, it hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for Hillary Clinton, OZY’s Carlos Watson told the folks at CNN last week. What with EmailGate, Bernie Sanders drawing big populist crowds and even “the ghost of Al Gore” talking about tossing his hat into the ring, Clinton has hit a few road bumps.

Part of Clinton’s problem, no doubt, is high expectations. The mantle of “inevitability” hasn’t served her well. The Donald, on the other hand? Improbability seems to suit him. Despite the hair, despite the alleged misogyny, despite everything, he’s doing really well. Is the Donald the most authentic politician in the country? Is he “definitely not a puppet,” as he likes to say? And why is he holding a bald eagle? Check out the segment for more.

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