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And the Oscar Goes To...
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We’re not the betting type, so we’ll leave you with a few surefire hits to amp you up for the show tomorrow.

By OZY Editors

All Hail McQueen

We swear we loved McQueen before you did. Take a look at our September profile of the British director of 12 Years a Slave. The Telegraph film critic David Gritten says McQueen has ”indisputably become one of our most distinctive, compelling film directors” — but that’s in the U.K. Across the pond, he’s not really the Hollywood type. London-born, with West Indian roots and a Caméra D’Or from Cannes, McQueen doesn’t like storyboards, caring what people think or happy endings. He has warned the media as much: “I’m doing a film about slavery next, and that’ll piss off people in America.”

Groundbreaking Gladiator

Imagine if Janet Jackson were Iranian and her wardrobe malfunction had been an intentional statement in support of her art. Imagine that and you might get some sense of the firestorm that actress Golshifteh Farahani has encountered since she briefly flashed her right breast in a promo for the Césars, the French Oscars, in January 2012. Farahani’s father was later hospitalized in the wake of repeated threats. “It was a big shock for me and my family and for the whole of Iranian society,” Farahani told the Guardian. “The good thing is it started a huge debate that could never have happened before.” Not unlike her skyrocketing success.


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