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Because between athletes and actors, pill poppers and feminists, you are what you eat (and what goes in). 

The Next Wave in Mental Health? Blood Tests.

Yep, that’s finger-prickin’ good. For the one in four Americans who suffers from a mental health disorder, there’s some good news in the bank. Scientists are working to develop clinical lab tests for mental illness by identifying biomarkers for psychiatric disorders, which could transform diagnosis and treatment. And searching for evidence of mental illness in blood and spinal-fluid proteins could mean one key diagnostic tool: blood tests. Lab tests may even reveal whether someone will develop a psychiatric disorder, making the tests a real game-changing tool for illness past, present and future.

Even the Feminists Take the Phentermine

In the immortal words of Tina Fey: it’s like those Dove commercials never even happened. Samantha Schoech tells her tale: On her sixth or seventh time achieving “extreme chub,” she fell for the diet pill trap and comes clean about it. She’s a feminist, who believes most commercial images of women are harmful to our society at large. But championing subsidized childcare and berating dieting to be smaller than your natural size isn’t always enough. In the end, she popped the pills, lost 25 pounds in 4 months, and got a lot of compliments. And now she’s reconsidering.



Performance-Enhanced Entertainers

We put athletes on the stand for doping: but isn’t physical enhancement to get on TV kind of the same thing? Sure, much was made about Armstrong’s confession to Oprah that he used PEDs during his cycling career — but few have paid much attention to the substances that many other celebrities routinely use to help bolster their own performances and careers. Here’s the rub: No one knows how to give their bodies, performances, and careers a boost better than entertainers. Does anyone care that Simon Cowell puts ovine afterbirth on his face? Nope. Should we? Maybe.

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