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Because measuring people on merits is a lot more interesting when you do it in full view of their vices.

By OZY Editors

Laziest Leaders

We expect our political leaders to be as industrious as they are powerful. Margaret Thatcher famously got by on four hours of sleep per night. A professor at Georgetown once told a young Bill Clinton that great men require less sleep (Clinton averaged five hours per night throughout his presidency). “Determine never to be idle,” another U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson, remarked. “It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.” But not everyone who has held the reins of power has been so diligent. From dictators to emperors to presidents, here are some of history’s most powerful layabouts.

Most Accomplished Drunks

For some, being three sheets to the wind is just as good as having the wind at your back. While many of us have put back a few on occasion, it takes a special man or woman to hold a drink while holding down a hugely demanding job. OZY takes a look back at history’s 10 most functional boozehounds. And while Frank Sinatra and Ernest Hemingway made the list, neither of them came in at No. 1. 


Biggest Tax Cheats

Sure, millions of Americans fail to file their taxes every year, and the odds of being caught or audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are rather low. But if you are caught, your life can change on a dime — or 20 million dimes, as the case may be. So as you fantasize about not filing this year or ponder fudging some last-minute deductions, you might consider what some high-profile tax cases have to teach about going toe-to-toe with the Tax Man.

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