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OZY Asks You to Fall in Love Weekly

OZY Asks You to Fall in Love Weekly

By Fiona Zublin


Because there's no more universal experience than love.

By Fiona Zublin

We all fall — and, let’s be fair, we all crash sometimes. But those love stories are more diverse, weird and fascinating than even we realize: Everyone feels love, sure, but there are as many manifestations of that love as there are spiders.

As the co-editor of OZY’s Love Curiously, I’ve had the privilege to spend months thinking about the best ways to tell humanity’s love story. And today, you can see some of those amazing stories here on our homepage, giving you a chance to catch up with pieces you may have missed and fall in love alongside them.

We began our series with OZY’s first investigation, a groundbreaking and award-winning piece that uncovered the bureaucratic nightmare that keeps people with disabilities from staying in happy marriages. But not all our news was dark: We also covered the rise of romance tours around the globe, the Asian heartbreak industry and the struggles of dating apps aimed at helping you choose a partner based on personality rather than attractive photos.

Beyond those trends, we brought you a panoply of true love stories from around the world and across the centuries. There was the woman whose husband was kidnapped by pirates, and she had to save him, and then there was the man whose obsession with a woman who never loved him spawned a gruesome shrine and a Florida tourist industry. And don’t forget the philosopher who spent his life contemplating love but never quite got the hang of the real thing.

There are also tales of public sex, terrible secrets and one mom whose sons’ time in prison inspired her to become Texas’ queen of prison weddings. But, and we guarantee this, absolutely no spiders.

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