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OZY and DoSomething Grab the Mic

OZY and DoSomething Grab the Mic

By Carlos Watson & Aria Finger


Because we’re hoping to create the most civically engaged generation ever. 

By Carlos Watson & Aria Finger

OZY Tribe,

As part of the OZY community, we want you to be the first to know about an exciting new partnership with DoSomething.org, the largest tech organization exclusively for young people and social change. OZY + DoSomething are teaming up around a groundbreaking yearlong national campaign called Grab the Mic to create the most civically engaged generation ever. Each month OZY + DoSomething.org will shine a spotlight on a pressing political, social or cultural issue — from racial justice to climate change to gender equality to voting rights and much more. OZY.com will continue to feature thought-provoking editorial designed to engage and inform on the issues, and DoSomething.org will provide tangible actions for you to make a difference in your community and make your voice heard.

See More. Be More. Do More. 

We see you. You all have an innate curiosity and desire not only to know more about the world, but also to see more of the world and actively do more to make it a better place. Now you have the opportunity to unite and take action with DoSomething.org. 


Last night we kicked off Grab the Mic with over 50 million viewers tuned in to our State of the Youth event, hosted at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. It was a groundbreaking event of presentations, performances and discussions focused on giving the mic to young people across the nation to hear what kind of future they want to see. In case you missed it, check out our livestream video!

See More. Be More. Do More. Together, we are committed to join our communities and cultivate a generation of doers.

Let’s Do This,
Carlos & Aria

Carlos Watson, CEO, OZY Media
Aria Finger, CEO, DoSomething

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