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Because what are you really? 

By OZY Editors

This spring has seen lawmaker after lawmaker — most of them men — get their panties in a bunch over who can pee where. What a spectacle! As if the public loo were a sacred place, or even a place any of us seriously wanted to dwell on, or dwell in. We prefer to do our business, wash our hands and GTFO. Live and let live, dudes. Unbunch your undies. 

The bathroom bill ruckus is but one of the reasons we focused on gender this week. We started with a profile of Eric Vilain, a geneticist whose work flies in the face of the so-called gender binary. His research suggests that gender is not solely nature and not solely nurture but something that results from an interplay of the two. We looked back at an 18th-century Russian cross-dresser and a man who happened to inspire generations of British homemakers. We examined why bisexuals tend to be in poorer health than their gay and straight brethren, and whether a new generation of young adult books might influence our thinking on intersexuality.

Today’s issue includes pieces on a queer American Revolution–era prophetdrag queen bingo in Los Angeles and an LGBT filmmaker in India. And to bring it back to the loo, we’ve also got a piece on why the public bathroom has long been a place where civil rights battles are fought — and often won. 

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