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New York + London: A Visual Love Letter

By Daniella Zalcman


 Because city love is one of the very best kinds of love.

Daniella Zalcman is a documentary photographer based in London and New York.

Everyone hearts New York. A lot of people love London. But photographer Daniella Zalcman feels both cities in her soul.

Raised in Washington, D.C., she moved to New York City in her 20s and fell hard — like most 20-somethings who move to Manhattan. She craved its energy, its people; the rhythm of the city’s streets. “I belonged to New York,” says Zalcman. Until seven years later, when London called. And she moved across the pond and fell in love all over again — for different reasons. On the heels of “nonstop NYC,” she appreciated London’s “particular brand of calm.” As well as its produce. Its centuries-old architecture. Its … meat (it’s better in England, according to Zalcman). “It was thrilling to hunt for all the little differences between London and New York,” she says. “It was also comforting to find moments of familiarity.”

Brooklyn Bridge Park meets Leicester Square. The High Line meets Knightsbridge.

Today, Zalcman feels a part of two cities. And this series of double exposures — all shot on her iPhone in 2012–2013 — reveals her sense of dual belonging. She maps the intersections between two sets of streets and skylines, which illustrates her overlapping loyalties. “New York + London” explores place, memory and identity through architecture and nostalgia, explains Zalcman. Brooklyn Bridge Park meets Leicester Square. The South Bronx meets Whitehall. The High Line meets Knightsbridge. After a while, the cacophony of concrete and street life begins to blend into something more universal.

“The resulting images are part New York, part London, and collectively represent my vision of home,” she says. “My hope is that in the noise and silence, everyone will find something that feels like home.”


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