Motherhood: It Ain't All Diapers + Soccer Practice

Motherhood: It Ain't All Diapers + Soccer Practice

By Alyson Aliano


Because not every mother looks like Carol Brady or Clair Huxtable.

By Alyson Aliano

I started my “moms project” in 2006, after three years of being a stepmother to twins girls, who are now 18 years old.

People often asked me, “Aren’t you going to have children? Don’t you want to have your own children? When are you going to have your own children?”

The implication was that, as a stepparent, I wasn’t a “real” parent. At the time, I did all the things “real” parents did: took the kids to the doctor; went to soccer games; organized play-dates, birthday parties and summer camp; and saved for college, all while still awaiting my 30th birthday.

So I soon began to think about what parenting and motherhood were all about. I looked to other women to share their hopes, fears, questions and experiences. As my twin girls have grown, this project has also. I have heard all kinds of stories. I have gone back to rephotograph moms and their children.

I tried to encompass all types of moms in this body of work, including stepmoms, lesbian moms, adoptive moms, biological moms, and foster moms.  My hope is that this body of work takes all varied forms of motherhood and shows it as one experience.

Woman with daughter brushing her hair

Bea and Paloma, Brooklyn, NY

mom and daughter in matching outfits in a bedroom

Iris And Cristalynn, Queens, NY 

Mother and her kids lying on a bed

Isha and her son and niece, Queens, NY

Mother and daughter in living room with natural sunlight coming through window

Diane and Io, San Francisco, CA

Mother in bathing suit with naked child in the lake

Rebecca and Oliver, Long Island, NY

Mother and son looking in the mirror in the bathroom

Krista and Ella, Hiawatha, New Jersey

Mom and child on her as they are lying on the red couch

Jennifer and Sulli, Brooklyn, NY

Mother and her 2 kids in halloween outfits on the couch

Juliet, Valetina and Jose, Southampton, NY

Mother in bikini facing down in kiddie pool with her son

Sandy and Diego, Washington, D.C.

Mother watching her child as she does arts and crafts

Leonore and Isabella, Los Angeles, CA