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Because there is more than concrete in the concrete jungle.

By Kevin O'Dowd

New Yorkers, God love ’em, complain. The weather is too cold, the subway is too crowded, my colleague chews with her mouth open … so here at OZY we thought we’d help a few of you beat the heat (we all know that will be our next complaint) with a scuba video that takes place in the winter. Yes, the winter.

Captain Mike (real name Mike Carew) has owned his scuba shop in the Bronx — yes, right next to the home of hip-hop, the Yankees and J-Lo on the block — for over 26 years. But what’s unique about Carew’s dive shop is it sits on City Island (in the far northeast corner of the borough), which provides access all year to some of the region’s best dive spots.

And Captain Mike is the shit. How much so? This much so: He dove with the New York Police Department’s scuba team for 10 years and still to this day advises major Hollywood productions when there are water scenes. Think Shutter Island with Leo.

So as the weather heats up and you’re winding up to start your complaining, think about cooling off with Captain Mike. In the Bronx, baby.

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