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Because this writer coaxes quirky humor from history the way few others can.

By Neil Parmar

You can tell a lot about a man by the books he keeps. Which is why it’s so fascinating to snoop on senior writer Sean Braswell’s reading list (no email hacking … yet). Most days of the workweek, you’ll find him poring through pages at a college or local library, perhaps digging into details about how Herbert Hoover kept millions of Belgians from starving a century ago or the salacious sex life of children’s author (and Playboy columnist) Shel Silverstein.

Indeed, this quintuple-degree holder coaxes quirky humor from history the way few other writers can — and delivers colorful prose the way a long-lost buddy might when he’s regaling you with tales over beer. Have you heard his account of Sly Stallone, pre-Rocky, when the actor had just $106 in the bank and hocked his wife’s jewelry to scrape by? While Braswell has covered legal issues, film and sports for OZY — following stints in academia, law and a baseball career that ended at the University of Texas at Austin — he’s most recently been in the trenches of politics. His look at Hillary Clinton will be featured in a special election series over the next week, and he’s also the brain behind a forthcoming multipart TV documentary about unforgettable presidential and vice presidential candidates. Expect him to continue to take his signature approach — provocatively thoughtful — in his storytelling. We’re hoping he keeps filing expense reports like his latest; it featured books with tips for getting into the White House as well as “dirty tricks” and “cheap shots” used during past U.S. presidential campaigns.

Today, enjoy some of our favorite stories by Braswell – and his top video pick as well.

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