Lean In But Don't Fall Over — and Other Big Stories This Week

Lean In But Don't Fall Over — and Other Big Stories This Week

By Leslie Nguyen-Okwu


Because your fortune cookie says you’ve got a big week on the horizon.

By Leslie Nguyen-Okwu

Here’s what’s on our radar.

How to Lean In Without Falling Over

Everyone knows the long shadow of China is taking over the world, with the world’s largest population and the second biggest economy. But could women be taking over the hulking Asian giant too? Meet the real power players of China who are — gasp — not men.

Throughout the week, OZY will be dedicating each day to a new wave of Chinese feminists — a venture capitalist to whom men bow down, a punk rock drummer with arms stronger than Mike Tyson’s, the right-hand woman of the Dalai Lama and perhaps the strangest artist you’ll ever meet. They’re raising the ranks of women in a Communist country where bra-burning, well, isn’t exactly tolerated. But as they say, join the “revolution within.” May the odds be ever in their favor.

What’s Next for Brexit?

As it turns out, nothing will be sorted soon. In the aftermath of the U.K. voting to leave the European Union by 52 to 48 percent, a very dis-United Kingdom faces years of negotiating the nitty-gritty details of its withdrawal. But first, the U.K. must make sure it has all its ducks in a row, which mostly means getting a stronger handle on its now topsy-turvy economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted about 600 points, and the British pound dropped to a 31-year low against the American dollar. With David Cameron’s resignation in tow, the coming months will be spent defining Britain’s new political face. Scottish independence is again on the table, as are fears over Northern Ireland’s peace process. And the EU must now forge a way ahead without one of its erstwhile major players. 

¡Oléeeee, Oléeeee, Oléeeee!

This past week, Argentina manhandled America with a score of 4-0 thanks to Lionel Messi, who put up two assists and one goal. The downpour made for an even more dramatic victory. On the Chile-Colombia front, the soccer match was actually halted by bad weather for a tense two hours, but Chile ultimately prevailed. Today, the Copa América final will descend upon Rutherford, New Jersey, with fútbol madness and raucous fans. Argentina will battle Chile’s formidable Eduardo Vargas and Alexis Sánchez, the team’s top scoring forwards, for the coveted prize of $6.5 million. Meanwhile, Colombia will face America for a humble third place but a respectable $2.5 million.

Looking Ahead to the Convention

The Democrats are pushing hard — leading both a Senate filibuster last week and a House sit-in this week in a concerted effort to pass gun control measures. Even though the vote fell flat on the Senate floor with a resounding “nay” from Republicans on Monday, another vote in the Senate on Thursday proved encouraging in the effort to ban people on the no-fly list from buying guns.

On Wednesday, CNN hosted a town hall for the Libertarian Party, but reactions were mixed among die-hard libertarians, while most people more unfamiliar with the party’s politics were left confused by the “convoluted stances” of presidential nominee Gary Johnson and vice president nominee Bill Weld. “They’ll need to do better if they want to be competitive this election cycle,” says OZY’s politics reporter Nick Fouriezos.

As far as what’s floating around in our 2016 convention crystal ball: How will Bernie Sanders grab back enough power to influence the convention despite his slim chances at clinching the nomination, and which, if any, of Donald Trump’s noisy accusations against Hillary Clinton will finally land a knockout blow? We’ll see who’ll still be in the ring come November 8.