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The piece about collections thugs was not even my first article for Hustler. Just the first national article. The first article of mine they published was an interview I did with Russ Meyer regular, Kitten Natividad, in the piquantly titled Hustler’s Busty Beauties. My article inquired after her thoughts on 1960s pseudo-celebrity, the philosophical underpinnings of pulchritude and Meyer’s brand of ribald, tongue-in-cheeky comedy. They printed a small fraction of that and unsurprisingly (even if I was surprised) devoted the rest of the print space to talking about boobs. 

But the fact remains that LFP prints nearly as many non-porn titles as porn ones. Code, where I served as editor-in-chief some years later, had been pitched to Flynt by guys who had figured out that most of GQ ’s readers were actually non-white men. Larry brought in some Condé Nast folks and launched the men’s fashion title without the guys who pitched it. It went on to win awards.

While working on the now-defunct magazine, I nearly lost a finger to one of those heavy, bullet-proof doors installed on all the executive offices — this did not, however, figure into my eventual departure.

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