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Because it is possible to have a holiday celebration minus inebriation…at least according to some of our sources.

By Eugene S. Robinson

Moving out of the house is a difficult but common change for many in early adulthood. But for some people, the holidays can be even more stressful, as they head back to a place they had comfortably left behind. 

And while every media hub touts ways for you to “make it” through the holidays, whether physically or mentally, we here at OZY decided to crowdsource to find out what works best for the gaggle of folks who have yet to have an epic meltdown in the middle of a Thanksgiving Day parade. Tips, tricks and subversive tactics to keep from feeling like you’re 12 when you’re 30 and, even better, to keep you from feeling 80 when you’re 40. From skipping it altogether to remaking it to giving in and going with it.

So, in the spirit of giving thanks, watch well. You can thank us later.

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