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It's a Talker!

It's a Talker!

By OZY Editors

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Because if people are reading and (talking about) these stories, then you should, too. 

By OZY Editors

”It’s a talker.” That’s old-school newsroom lingo for the kind of story that has everyone speaking at once when it’s presented as a story idea — agreeing, disagreeing, sharing their own experiences. Looking at the Top 20 for the week on OZY, three “talkers” popped out  — stories on couples sleeping separately, Facebook status updates and what kind of role voice plays in national politics. 

A Plea for Separate Beds

Separate beds for couples either saves a marriage or is a step too far, according to commenters on our story that asked, “What’s so bad about separate beds?” Back in the old days, having separate sleeping quarters was a sign of affluence, and before marriage became a union based on love, it made sense. Today, more couples than ever are quietly sleeping apart — 30 to 40 percent of couples worldwide. In fact, America’s National Association of Home Builders says it’s likely that 60 percent of new homes will have dual master bedrooms by 2015.

My Status, Myself

While oversharing on Facebook is nothing new, we might be giving a lot more information than we realize in our posts. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania recently did a deep dive into Facebook status updates and found that the social media site offers a new lens through which to analyze personalities. This large study confirmed some suspicions, and yielded some new hypotheses and insights about men, women and certain personality types.

Vox Popular

Is voice the new height? It used to be that being short was like being dead for modern politicians, particularly ambitious male ones. But the electoral success of Nicolas Sarkozy (5’5”), Michael Bloomberg (5’6”) and others has helped lower that barrier even if diminutive candidates like Michael Dukakis (5’8”) and John McCain (5’9”) have fallen short of the Oval Office. That said, words still matter — as do delivery, pitch and timbre — and for aspiring politicians and leaders, basso is best. 

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