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Because things have come a long way since your parents’ wedding.

A Fantasy Nerd’s Dream Wedding

Like the Lord of the Rings’ Rohirrim overrunning the Orcs at Helm’s Deep, strangely dressed characters are storming marriage ceremonies across America. Based on personal accounts, social media buzz and reports from wedding planners, legions of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings fans are streaming down the aisle — in character. “High fantasy” weddings started taking off nearly two years ago and are heading into the mainstream as couples emboldened by nerd culture and inspired by movies want anything but “cookie-cutter weddings.” Read the full story.

Now You Can Rent Bridesmaid Dresses

Future bridesmaids of the United States of America, you do not know how good you have it. The most distasteful of your long-endured duties may be nearing its end. No, you’ll still have to sweat bullets over heartfelt toasts and chase down your bride’s deadbeat college bestie after she fails to pay her fair share of the bachelorette party tab. But chin up: The days of dropping hundreds on a pastel pink dress you’ll never wear again are as good as over thanks to a growing number of options for renting exactly what you need for the big day — and not a day more. Read the full story.


10 Rules for a Wedding Guest List

Modern etiquette. In the age of social media, how do you decide which of your several hundred “friends” to invite after you’ve posted your engagement photos online? And, these people are going to be in your wedding photos for the rest of your life, so you’d better make sure they’re the right guests. There are no easy rules, so OZY came up with a list to help wedding planners everywhere decide who makes the cut. Read on and plan well. Read the full story.

Zola: Wedding Registry Done Right

New wedding registry Zola takes the popular aspects of wedding planning — choosing gifts, customizing a couple’s website, planning a honeymoon, financing the party — and fuses them together. The site has that clean, inviting Gilt design, plus plenty of room for the fun stuff — like old family photos and stock shots of, say, dogs, dinner recipes, Denmark — allowing couples to virtually plan their dreamy life together. Kind of like a joint Facebook profile with a personalized URL. As TechCrunch points out, the user experience is “strikingly similar to creating a board on Pinterest.” Read the full story.

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