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How to Build a Home With a Little Help From Your Friends

How to Build a Home With a Little Help From Your Friends

By Anna Davies


Because buying your first home is a big "adult" moment, and it requires a bit of creative thinking.

By Anna Davies

Here’s a little secret about what happens when you buy your first home: You become a little crazy. First, there are the endless hours on Zillow, followed by the countless drive-bys to see how the place looks at various times of the day. Don’t forget all the Google street views you show friends and family, and that’s before you’ve even put in an offer. Once you’ve done that, then come the slightly unhinged draft letters to the current owners asking them to please accept your offer above others before you finally send them what some would call a valentine in a bid to win them over.

And when it seems everything is going in the right direction? Then you do the mental arithmetic (and creative thinking) to ensure the home fits your budget. Finally, once the mortgage is signed and you’ve written what may be the biggest check of your life and have received the keys, you face the biggest job yet: the move. But by this point, you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and broke.

So how do you get back to normal? By understanding that your friends and family are just as eager for your life to get back to business as usual as you are — and, to help move that along, they are more than willing to help. They, in turn, become your movers, contractors and life coaches in this monumental “adulting” moment. 

That’s exactly what Ken and Anita Corsini, a husband-and-wife design team and hosts of HGTV’s Flip or Flop Atlanta, did when they bought their first piece of property. Then in their mid-20s, the Corsinis found themselves stretching their savings as far as possible to buy a parcel of land Ken fell in love with on the spot. To make their dream home a reality, the Corsinis needed to win over the previous owners and get a generous amount of help from friends and family. Lucky for them, their helpers accepted chicken fingers in exchange for flooring services.

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