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Tasha Reign


From Hollywood to Britain to Bollywood, the line between adult and mainstream entertainment is growing increasingly blurry.

By OZY Editors

Can Freshly Pleasured Couples Please America?

Here’s a somewhat titillating — or perhaps squirm-inducing — premise for a TV show: Three couples each have a quick interview with the host and then scamper off to a soundproof, private box onstage. To have sex. When a sexed-up couple emerges from the sex box, the experts fire off questions about what they were up to inside and how they’re feeling about their relationship. Welcome to Sex Box , WE tv’s U.S. version of the controversial British show — about the “real sex lives of people” — in the works for an upcoming season. But can the show live up to its aim to “reclaim sex from porn” and get America talking about what real sex is like in bedrooms across the country? Read the story here.

Bollywood Gets SeXXXy

What is considered “sexy” on India’s silver screen has historically been rather tame — even prudish by western standards. But, in the past decade, censorship has eased, and there has been something of a sexual revolution in Indian cinema. Actresses are baring more skin, full-throttle kissing has made a comeback and simulated sex scenes have become the norm. India’s newfound prosperity has also changed the equation, and adult film stars have watched a lucrative market open up. In turn, Bollywood’s beating heart, Mumbai, is attracting a new kind of actress — straight from the world of porn. Read the story here.



Tasha Reign Wants You to Feel Good About Feeling Good

At home on the sofa, curled up with her Himalayan cat, a horror movie and Chipotle, she’s Rachel Swimmer, a newly minted UCLA graduate who loves Disney and animals. But on tube sites and strip club stages, she’s Tasha Reign, a porn star and entrepreneur who not only has 120 films under her belt, but also her own production studio and sex toy line. Reign wants more than adult stardom, though; she wants to be a household name, to shatter the walls between adult entertainment and mainstream entertainment, and ultimately to “normalize porn.” Read the story here.

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