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How Funny Is Dulcé Sloan? Let's Go for VERY!

How Funny Is Dulcé Sloan? Let's Go for VERY!

By OZY Editors


When destiny calls, you go. So it is that this Daily Show comedian has made a masterful mark in a way, shape and form that’s surprised even her.

By OZY Editors

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Atlanta-bred comedian Dulcé Sloan freely admits to hewing to Hemingway’s dictum to write what she knows and offers absolutely no apologies at all that her style of comedy is mostly about her place in space as a Black woman in America

“It’s more significant for you to hear how I am affected,” Sloan says. “Just hearing about my life and what makes me laugh and what I think people should hear about … I think is a political statement in itself.”   

A statement that means a lot less without her meteoric rise to comedy stardom, but with it and a coveted spot on The Daily Show? More surprising to Sloan than anyone else since she now spends her days flying from her Daily gig to shows all over the world. And maybe a little less surprising that despite climbing to the top of the comedy ladder, Sloan still makes time to test her work at local comedy clubs across New York City.

“I didn’t think I was funny growing up,” she winds up. “It’s weird to be good at something you never wanted to do.” 

Weird for her. Lucky for us.

Produced and filmed by Stuart Harmon.  Edited by Mia Sorensen. 


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