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Twitter phenomenon Frank Lowe, new media star Agustín Ferrando and the evolution of Shonda Rhimes topped OZY’s favorite reads this week.

By Rebecca Moreno

At OZY we believe that life is more than a popularity contest, much more. And yet … we can’t stop ourselves from tooting our little horn about the stories you’ve checked out the most this past week. You see, we’re proud of our work and nothing pleases us more than sharing it. If you missed these the first time around, be sure to check out our most popular reads now.

Gay-at-Home Dad

Gay-at-Home Dad

Gay-at-Home Dad

Frank Lowe tweets about being a full-time father — er, a “gay-at-home dad” — and with a Twitter persona far campier than his IRL one, Lowe’s amassed a following of more than 56,000. Some sub-140-character gems include “Some playground kid said to my son, ‘HEY, WHITE SHIRT, IT’S YOUR TURN!’ And without missing a beat, he turned around and said, ‘It’s CREAM.’” Also: “Got drunk last night and bedazzled all of my son’s Hot Wheels.” Little wonder that comedians, LGBT advocates and others go ga-ga. But how to tell truth from fiction? Says Lowe, “If it could have happened, or it’s heartwarming, it’s probably true.”

Tiranos Temblad

Your Top OZY Reads 

In Uruguay, Everything Happens, Every Week

Many of us feel jaded about the state of the news industry, but Uruguayan videographer Agustín Ferrando upends the very idea of news in his weekly Web show, Tiranos Temblad, bringing elements of wonder, innocence and spontaneity to his chronicle of life in “the best country.” For Ferrando, minuscule moments of daily life are news, and when he strings them together in his oddly soothing, gently amusing weekly videos, you can’t help but be convinced.



The Evolution of Shonda Rhimes?

If you’ve been watching Shonda Rhimes’s slew of hit TV shows over the years, you know that complicated, twist-turny relationships are her specialty. Her shows revolve around layered, accomplished female characters whose professional successes often far outpace their personal lives. Most seasons, audiences are treated to a Big Speech, and none more (in)famous than Meredith Grey’s “Pick Me” plea on Grey’s Anatomy. When you stand it up next to Olivia Pope’s “Earn Me” demand on Scandal, are we seeing a huge evolution in Shonda Rhimes’s lead female protagonists? Not so fast…

We have to close out with a few honorable mentions. Even though these stories were published weeks ago, they keep making their way around the Internet and grabbing readers’ attention: Norway’s own Iron Lady, Siv Jensen; the ironfisted Instagrammer, Ramzan Kadyrov; and celeb impersonator extraordinaire Thaddeus Kalinoski, whose life is stranger than fiction.

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