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Hot on OZY

By OZY Editors

OZY on Getting It On
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OZY’s greatest hits this week range from a breakthrough dancer and a powerful photographer to cutting-edge medical technology and entrepreneurs who want to change the world for good.

By OZY Editors

New Haven Mavens

What Stanford is to classic tech entrepreneurship, Yale is becoming to social entrepreneurship. George W’s alma mater has become the ultimate training ground for innovative social entrepreneurs. If you want to find someone who is likely to help change the world, you would do just as well to look to New Haven as Palo Alto or Silicon Valley. And you would do even better to pay attention to Yale’s women.

Bionic Breakthroughs

Soon, bionic limbs will restore mobility. Soon after, minds will move objects. Before you know it, you’ll be sending that text or email with just your thoughts.

Once the stuff of Star Wars movies and Isaac Asimov novels, such brain communication systems — known as brain-machine interfaces or BMIs — have become a promising possibility. These systems could allow disabled individuals to control not only prosthetic limbs but also wheelchairs and computers. In the more distant future, BMIs may even mean that people can learn to play a musical instrument in their sleep or communicate using only their thoughts. 

Ruddy Roye: The Conscience of Instagram

Brooklyn-based Jamaican photographer Radcliffe Roye has an iPhone and he’s not afraid to use it … to jar you out of your social media stupor. Roye is a street photographer who takes multiple portraits of the people he meets on a daily basis, passes them through filters on his iPhone and publishes them to 27,604 followers. His heavily processed portraits are intimate, soulful portrayals of humanity, but just as important as his compositional skills are the people he chooses as his subjects. Roye focuses on the underclass — the poor, the disabled, the homeless. 

The King of Belly Dance

Calling Rachid Alexander a male belly dancer is like calling Picasso a Spanish painter: not nearly accurate enough. 

The 29-year-old was born in Curaçao, moved to the Netherlands when he was a kid and is now a bright and shining light in the nascent world of male belly dancing. Yes, you read that right. While there are other notable male dancers in the field (Farid Mesbaah in Egypt comes to mind), it is Alexander who has managed to move the discussion beyond the whole “Is this something men should even be doing?” question. 

Giving in to the Thrill of ”Thriller”

If you’re above the age of 35, you’ll probably remember the hype around the TV debut of “Thriller” on November 30, 1983 (not on Halloween). And whether you watched its world premiere on MTV or networks broadcasting it throughout the world — or didn’t watch it at all — you knew something special had happened. It was a 14-minute epoch in TV history, what Rolling Stone called a true “watershed” moment for the music industry. As the video that became one of the most influential pop music videos turns 30, OZY takes a look back.

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