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This week’s hit stories run the gamut from the threat of polio to who should pay for freezing a woman’s eggs. Oh, and gun control.

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Jezebel picked up on Pooja Bhatia’s “Freeze My Eggs, Please” cri de coeur about women who feel pressured to undergo expensive fertility treatments in order to preserve their childbearing options. Since this process can cost up to $20,000, wondered Bhatia, shouldn’t others chip in? It could be the woman’s parents, or perhaps it should be the guy who hems and haws and just can’t commit. Or, maybe not. “No one is going to pay for your fancy egg freezing,” wrote Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan. OK, we’ll admit it, it was nice when Bill Gates tweeted our “Polio Eradication by the Numbers” story last week, and even nicer that he called the OZY team “clever.” Polio has long been one of Gates’ big causes, and his foundation is part of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, along with the World Health Organization, Rotary International and UNICEF. Thursday was World Polio Day, so we took the opportunity to look at where things stand. The good news: Only a few hundred cases of polio were reported last year. The bad news: Those number are up from the year before, and until polio is completely eradicated, there’s always the threat of resurgence. OZY’s Naimh Ni Mhaoileoin digs into the numbers behind some troubling sign


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Sean Braswell’s provocative piece “Should Gun Owners Have to Join the Reserves?” got some OZY readers all fired up. Forget about gun control, wrote Braswell, because it’s not going to happen. Instead, why shouldn’t gun owners be required to join the reserves? Among other benefits, this would ensure that every gun owner receives proper weapons training, is screened for mental or emotional issues, and comes away with a deeper sense of duty to the community. Check out the comments section for a range of perspectives on this idea. 


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