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Help Us Make Something Special

Help Us Make Something Special

By OZY Editors


We’ve told you who we are. Now we want to know more about you!

By OZY Editors

There are plenty of voices out there. We knew it would take something special to make ours matter. What do we find special?

Our family of insatiably curious writers.

Our team of contributors and friends at the cutting edge of the new and the next, and who are making the world exciting for the rest of us by telling their stories on OZY.

Our partners NPR, Facebook’s Paper App and USA Today — we’re big fans, and we’ve been working together on some pretty fun stuff. Look for OZY on any of our partner sites and you’ll see what we mean!

We think our readers are pretty damn special. Especially the ones who write 800-word emails to us telling us how much they loved a particular piece — and even the ones who don’t hesitate to inform us how very strongly they disagree with our opinion!

We want OZY to be the special place you turn to every day to learn something new, meet someone phenomenal and do something different.

Come in; introduce yourselves. We hope you have a blast. 


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