Have I Got a Hunter Biden Story for You …

You don’t know me but you might soon.

My name is Derek Meyer Galanis, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons lists me as a Gambino crime family associate. I grew up around prison. My dad was in one for a minute when I was young, then went away when I was 14 for what was then thought to be the longest sentence for a white-collar criminal ever: 27 years.

I wanted to tell the truth about the real story behind what modern-day organized crime is, because, following my father’s lead, I’ve been incarcerated twice. The first time was for an ecstasy lab in the ’90s. More recently, and more fittingly given the GameStop insanity, for securities fraud. So in April of 2018, I published Greed and Fear: The Galanis Crime Family, just to set the record straight.

You see, my father, John Peter Galanis, a man prosecutors called one of the top 10 biggest white-collar criminals of all time, went to trial during the same summer that Bevan Cooney and Devon Archer did.

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Bevan Cooney released his emails linking Hunter [Biden], my brother Jason, [Devon] Archer and himself to the press in the run-up to the November election … and called himself a scapegoat for Hunter.

Archer and Cooney are who? Longtime business partners with Hunter Biden. Who was noticeably absent from the trial.

This is not Republican agitprop. This is just the way it was, but how Hunter Biden was left off a case in which he was clearly involved is a question only prosecutors in the Southern District of New York can answer.

I was dumbfounded myself. Enough that I wrote the Wall Street Journal in the beginning of October 2019 to ask them about this oversight.

Response? None. But two weeks later, they ran an article taken entirely from court records of the trial. The theme of the article was that there were multiple incidents and clear involvement by Hunter on the case. That’s what the world knows.

What I know is that during nearly identical time frames, my brother Jason Galanis won his appeal on an ineffective assistance of counsel claim. However, rather than being returned to rejoin our father in his designated prison, Terminal Island, he’s been in New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center, sort of a federal county jail, since September of 2019. But why?

I think I know. That December [2019], I wrote to U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut John Durham about my book and pointed out what the Wall Street Journal article had made clear. Durham was appointed special prosecutor investigating the FBI’s Russia investigation into President Trump.

And while in December 2019, he was publicly saying he was wrapping up his investigation, he’s done no such thing. In fact, it is still going on today. But he was not appointed special prosecutor until October of 2020 and it was done in secret, so as not to affect the election.

So here’s a possible why: My brother Jason’s presence in New York a year and a half later would certainly be explained if he is cooperating with Durham and his investigation.

Now, running up to the election, there were many events that pointed in that direction. Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr said that Durham’s investigation had uncovered “other problems.” Barr also gave a speech that was widely condemned, in which he seemed to justify political prosecutions. But he assured the world that Durham’s report would be out before the 2020 election.

Then Durham’s longtime confidant quit. She would not speak publicly, but people close to her said she refused to rush the investigation for political purposes. Shortly thereafter, Barr backtracked, saying it would not be released before the election. President Trump called the about-face “disgusting,” and said he would tell Barr that to his face.

Water under the bridge, maybe, but the reality is that, in my opinion, much of the evidence points to Durham’s report centering on Hunter Biden’s involvement in the federal case he mysteriously missed in the summer of 2018.


What becomes a crime family most? The author, his grandmother and father.

My brother Jason is most likely still in New York to be a witness on that case. Bevan Cooney released his emails linking Hunter, my brother Jason, Archer and himself to the press in the run-up to the November election and called himself a scapegoat for Hunter.

We will not know for sure what is in the Durham report until it is released, but the Galanis crime family, my family, is linked to drug trafficking, organized crime, sex trafficking and fraud. Coincidentally — or not — Sen. Ron Johnson’s Senate report independently linked Hunter to organized crime and sex trafficking.

So it is no wonder releasing the report before the election was a political hot potato. It is also no wonder that President Trump called for at least a partial report before the election. As close as I am to all of it, I cannot wait to see what the Durham report will say.

But I will say this: My crime family fed on the unwary, foolhardy and ill-advised, and rich idiot kids with famous fathers would definitely fit that bill.

So you have to understand that organized crime now is this, so my one hope, after all of the political posturing is done, is that the public doesn’t fall for the same trap that Hunter and I did, and understands that the game changes just like the times. Just don’t be a victim of either.

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