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Happy Birthday, OZY!

Happy Birthday, OZY!

By OZY Editors

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Because you’re looking for a news source that matches your passion for life and the world around you — and embraces them the way that you do.

By OZY Editors

We launched OZY with a big idea: Instead of bringing you yet another news site that aggregates the latest content from across the Web, we wanted to build something better.  

From the start, we promised original stories focused not just on where the world is, but — more importantly — on where the world is going. And each day, we set out to profile “the new and the next” — the people, places, trends and technology that you may not know about today, but that nobody will be able to miss tomorrow. 

A year later, OZY isn’t just an idea. It’s proof that news can be edgy and educational, informative and inspiring — all at the same time.   

To celebrate our first anniversary and you — the friends, readers and supporters who made it possible — we wanted to update you on OZY and share some big pieces of news: 

Great First Year: From the next Mark Zuckerberg (Quixey’s Tomer Kagan) to the tomato pickers taking on the food conglomerates, we have consistently delivered thoughtful profiles months ahead of mainstream publications like The New York Times, The Economist and The Guardian. That good work has attracted notice and plenty of love from curious people like you. OZY now reaches about 20 million people a month — the 5 million-plus who visit our website, and another 15 million who watch, listen or read OZY stories on our partner sites: CNN, NPR, National Geographic and USA Today.  

Beautiful New Design: This week we debuted a fabulous new design. Did you love the original look?  Well, we hope you’ll love this one even more. In our humble opinion, OZY 3.0 is even more gorgeous and fun to use. Please let us know what you think. 

Bill Gates: One of our earliest fans, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently stopped by for an interview — joining Bill Clinton, Condi Rice, Tony Blair, the Dalai Lama, and many other global leaders who are visiting OZY.

German Love: This week, we were proud to announce that we are dramatically expanding our partnership with the innovative German media company Axel Springer. By working with them and others, we will be bringing you even more original global profiles and compelling videos this year, as well as several new exciting events across the world.

National Geographic: At OZY, we pride ourselves on the company we keep, and that starts with our partners. Our relationships with NPR, USA Today and CNN have been key to our growth.  And this week, we were thrilled to launch a new partnership with National Geographic, a truly iconic magazine.

What’s Next for OZY?: We are looking forward to bringing you even more new features, events and diversions in the next year, from the OZY Genius Awards on university campuses across the world to our first-ever global event: OZY Fest (coming this July to Central Park). We’ll also be introducing a new suite of mobile apps along with scores of new video features and expanded business, sports, travel and fashion coverage.

We Need Evangelists: Now we come to you. We really appreciate your support and hope that in your second year with OZY, you’ll enjoy us even more. And if we are helping you look ahead of the curve and see more, be more and do more, then perhaps you will allow us one ask: 

If you enjoy OZY, please tell a friend (or several!) to sign up today for our daily emails, like us on Facebook and generally spread the word.

Thanks so much. And as one of our teammates likes to say:

OZY Forward!


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