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Hands Up

Hands Up

By OZY Editors

A look at history's greatest heists and most intriguing robberies.


A look at history's greatest heists and most intriguing robberies.

By OZY Editors

Whether they get away with it or not, everyone loves a flamboyant bank or train robbery (except the people whose money got pinched). OZY’s original series, Hands Up, collects tales of the most incredible-but-true heists from all over the world.

The Heist That Broke Pinochet’s Back

Augusto Pinochet ran a rogue police force that secretly killed thousands. But this time, the secret got out.

The Grand Comedy of China’s Biggest Bank Heist

These bank robbers will be remembered for the way they bumbled … and for paying the ultimate price.

The First American Bank Robbery Was an Epic Farce

The first great bank robbery in American history was neither a robbery nor particularly great.

 Saddam Hussein’s Billion-Dollar Bank Heist

When Saddam Hussein swiped $1 billion from Iraq’s central bank on the eve of the U.S. invasion, it was just the start of the stealing.

Great Train Robbers, Undone by a Board Game

These bold London lads took on the Crown, stole millions and might have escaped detection … had they not thrown the dice.

How a Salami Sandwich Took Down a Diamond Thief

In a European caper to rival “Ocean’s Eleven,” a team took off with millions in ice. They didn’t make it quite as far as they’d have hoped.

The Mummified Train Robber Who Became a Circus Prop

How the afterlife of an outlaw was even more exciting than his time here on Earth.

A Celebrity Bank Robber and His Rock-Star Friends

George Davis, convicted for bank robbery under dodgy circumstances, had everyone from the Who to Duran Duran pleading his innocence. Were they right?

Tunneling Through French Sewers for Treasure

How a group of bons vivants sneaked through the sewers of Nice and made off with millions — and still had time for a picnic.

Brazil’s Great Underground Heist

How two dozen Brazilians shoveled their way to $70 million, the country’s biggest robbery ever.

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