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Get Schooled: OZY on Education

Get Schooled: OZY on Education

By OZY Editors

Roland Fryer, Pencils, Cost of College


These education stories might just change your mind about the future of American schools, having another baby or picking up a pencil.

By OZY Editors

At OZY our mission is to bring you the new and the next, and you can’t get there without taking a hard look at education. In our first installment of OZY On, we’ve rounded up our best stories on the subject, ranging from a professor hell-bent on improving schools for the poor, how the future cost of college might make you rethink that second kid, and saying goodbye to the once mighty pencil. Have you read these yet?

1. Roland Fryer Wants to Fix the American School System. And instead of going the traditional route, the young Harvard economics professor with an amazing backstory is trying a bold new approach: changing it from within. With a five-step plan – one that includes longer school days and cash bonuses – Fryer bets that he can get private school education results for poor kids. Whether or not the experiment will work is unknown, but it raises the real hope that America’s struggling school system can forge a new path toward education excellence. 

2. The Crazy Cost of College. Here’s a natural form of birth control: pondering the cost of putting more than one kid through college. Today’s college and tuition fees are, let’s face it, pretty hefty. But in the 2030s they are going to be worse. Way worse. Like $288,000 (in today’s dollars) at an average-priced four-year private college and $123,000 at an average-priced public college. Which leads us to wonder: Could this escalating cost prove to be America’s version of the one-child policy?

3. Death Knell for Pencils? They’ve been around for ages, but do we really need them anymore? With kids texting, swiping and Snapchatting like crazy, and with new technologies being created for the classroom, it looks like the writing is on the wall for this old-school writing device. OZY got to thinking: Do we really need pencils anymore? What are they good for? See what people on the street think.

4. Just for Fun. Remember what it was like to endure puberty? Relive a particularly teeth-clenching moment from Welcome to the Dollhouse, perhaps the truest-ever movie testament to suburban middle-school misery.

5. In the News This Week

  • Evidence shows that diverse classrooms create a better learning experience. Can integrated education lead to a better America?

  • The Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on Friday. OZY tells you about the front-runner – who is passionate about education – and some unusual public figures who think that person ought to win.

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