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Five Controversial Parenting Tips You Need to Know


Five Controversial Parenting Tips You Need to Know

By OZY Editors


Because being a good parent sometimes means ignoring conventional wisdom.

By OZY Editors

Everyone says parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love. The truth is that if you pay attention, try your best and follow good advice (such as your mother’s), you and your kids will likely end up fine and happy. But sometimes it’s good to go a bit against the grain and that’s where OZY’s reporting comes in. We’ve talked to some of the leading researchers working today and asked them to recommend unusual bits of parental advice for our readers. The resulting list is not shocking but it is definitely different from what you’ll hear at a regular clinic. For example, did you know that having a child later in life may actually help women live longer? It’s true. Check out the following list to find this and other ways to ensure your parental responsibilities are top-notch. 

Have Kids Later in Life

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The next time a nosy relative says you should start a family as soon as possible, just smile and say: ”Gurl, waiting might be the best thing for health!” According to a study out of Boston University’s School of Medicine, women who put off having kids may actually live longer. Those women who gave birth to their last child after turning 33, the study found, were twice as likely to live to 95 or older than mothers whose last child was born by the time they were 29. This doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your biological clock, but it suggests it may be ticking a lot slower than you think. Read more here

Pay Kids to Eat Their Veggies

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Begging your children to eat the healthy stuff on their plate is a fairly unsuccessful and pathetic practice. And tricking them into drinking a kale smoothie also isn’t the answer. The solution, it turns out, could be found right inside your wallet — in the form of cold, hard cash. Researchers recently found that 80 percent of American kids will forgo junk and eat their vegetables is they’re offered a real financial incentive to do so. Do you think you’d be able to do this if you could afford it? Read more here to help you make up your mind. 

Let Your Kids Sleep In

You know that kids need extra Z’s but maybe you don’t know how really life-changing they could be. A study out of the University of Kentucky recently showed that starting school an hour later led to improved performances and boosted attendance rates. Changes to school schedules may not happen overnight but the data certainly gives educators — and parents — something to sleep on. Read more here

A Little Junk Food Today Makes for a Balanced Diet Tomorrow

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Depriving a kid of an occasional indulgence can result in overindulging when Mom’s not around. So rather than tell children that cake is evil and happiness is a handful of quinoa-and-flax chips, top scientists are now saying you should teach them about moderation instead. So let Junior have his cake — just not every day. Read more here

Don’t Let Your Kid Have Smartphones

Today’s kids will grow up surrounded by technology and electronic gadgets – but what will that do to their brains? Experts in child development are now saying disconnecting from electronics may be be beneficial for developing creativity. Games and applications, it turns out, can be engaging limiting to your child’s imagination due to preset rules and defined worlds. So do your kid a favor: power down your devices and tell him a great story, unplugged. Read more here.  

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