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By OZY Editors

Having a Happy Marriage Without Kids

What’s it really like, being together with someone long-term and not having children? It’s great: flexible schedules, extended time together, the ability to go out whenever. And it turns out, the childless-over-40 situation is not as uncommon as you might expect — at least in this decade. A recent story about the “no-baby boom” reported that one out of five women in Canada, the U.S., Australia and the U.K. are passing the mid-40s mark without having a child — double the number of the previous generation. Yes, life with kids can be great. And so can life without them, especially if you follow these three tips.

White Supremacy + Me

Too many incidents in the past weeks, months and years demonstrate that, when properly motivated and mixed with the right kinds of circumstance — poverty, resentment and diminished life prospects — those who cotton to extremist beliefs are capable of doing great harm. But villains too easily understood make it harder to get our hands on fixing what’s clearly broken. Eugene S. Robinson’s fourth installment of his memoir series — how, over the course of about four decades, a black guy from Brooklyn just keeps on running into white supremacists — is a doozy. 


Even the Feminists Take Diet Pills

In the immortal words of Tina Fey: ”It’s like those Dove commercials never even happened.” Samantha Schoech tells her tale: After her sixth or seventh time achieving “extreme chub,” she fell for the diet pill trap, and now she’s coming clean about it. She’s a feminist who believes most commercial images of women are harmful to our society at large. But championing subsidized child care and berating dieting as a means to be smaller than your natural size isn’t always enough. In the end, she popped the pills, lost 25 pounds in four months, and got a lot of compliments. And now she’s reconsidering.


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