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OZY’s co-founder and CEO talks about where his love of the news came from — and how we can rekindle yours.

Carlos Watson

Carlos Watson

CEO and co-founder of OZY

By Carlos Watson

When I was a kid, my dad used to pick me up from school and drive more than an hour to the Miami Airport. Rather than check in for a flight, he would hand me $10 and tell me to run inside and buy newspapers from around the world — all sorts of publications, some in languages we didn’t even speak. I would run back to our Chevy Nova with an armful of papers, and he’d smile like it was Christmas. When we got home, my dad would sit in his big armchair and read furiously for hours, underlining words and circling images, intermittently lifting his head to call our attention to a particular story or an interesting fact. He loved learning about the world and shared that passion with my sisters and me growing up.

That is how I came to love the news and realize that, at its best, the news doesn’t just update you on the latest headlines but also helps you see the world and your own life more broadly.

As a rule, I try not to make assumptions about people. But if you’re reading OZY, I’d venture to guess you once loved the news too. You’re curious but perhaps frustrated at being inundated by headlines that all report the same things, and in increasingly partisan ways. You are disappointed to hear only one side of the story, to see arguments and ideas go around in circles rather than take you to new and unexpected places.

My hope is that OZY plays the role for you that my dad played for me. I hope that through OZY’s original reporting, TV shows, podcasts, newsletters and events, you too can love the news (again).

Here is just a taste of what we’re bringing you. Every. Single. Day. 

  • Original reporting from every country in the world (bar none) and every state in the U.S. 
  • Multipartisan views, bringing together voices ranging from former President George Bush to former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice to Sen. Cory Booker. 
  • A diverse team hailing from all corners of the earth, including The Times of London, a Southern law firm and the university corridors of Delhi.

Prime-time TV shows, podcasts and the coolest festival in New York City: We’re everywhere you are.

But I know we’re far from perfect. Our millions of dedicated OZY fans are quick to tell us when they feel we could do better — and we want you to do the same.

What would it take for you to read OZY’s email newsletters each day, or several times a week? What would you find compelling enough to rely on to catch you up in the morning or make you smarter over brunch? What more can we do with our quizzes and debate forums to keep you engaged on the commute home or entertained during an evening in? How else can we help you fall in love with the news again?

OZY is as fresh-thinking and open to change as you are. We want to create the new news and tailor it to you. We’d love for you to not only join us for the ride but also take the steering wheel.

Do contact me at carloswatson@ozy.com with wild ideas and suggestions, or join the debate in our exclusive Facebook group, Armchair Pundit.

Carlos Watson

Carlos Watson

CEO and co-founder of OZY

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