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Because being our brothers’ keepers could mean lots of things.

By Tom Gorman and Eugene S. Robinson

Video by Tom Gorman.

Driven by our interests, wants and needs, crime is a fairly accurate indicator of what our shadow selves think is important. Or at least harmless, or harmful but not drawing our continued concern. Things that “fall offa trucks,” a little action on the game and almost any and all narcotics are rarely pushed, but almost always pulled. Notwithstanding, well-publicized high-profile busts of Mafiosi under Rudy Giuliani in 1980s’ New York City combined with very public hits seem to have put some fairly final punctuation on criminal catering to our dark sides.

But sentences that are not life sentences have been coming to a close, goodfellas are getting out of jail, and with them, a renewed interest in not getting caught doing the things that got them sent away in the first place. Reformed? Repentant? Given our continued appetites, not at all likely.

Much more likely: smarter, smaller, quieter, more Sicilian, less central casting, and with an influx of ultraviolent Albanians who are able foils able to guarantee silence — dangerous with an uppercase D.

OZY’s Eugene S. Robinson, in Part 3 of his series, puts some chalk lines around the outline of crime in the Big Apple.


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